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The Creekside Story 

"We feel very blessed to own such a beautiful setting to have raised our family. When one of our daughters decided she wanted to marry in the space we lovingly cared for, we transformed the small clearing into Creekside. After the wedding, it just seemed natural to share it with others. "

Mary Anne Van Oostveen, Owner 

This Farm was settled in 1865 by a Scottish Family named McCorquodale. The land was cleared and developed into a farm. The McCorquodale family lived here for many generations. In the year 2000 Roeland and Mary Anne Van Oostveen bought this farm. They restored the home and built a new drive shed.


The Van Oostveen family loves the outdoors and the beautiful creek that meanders through the property. Up until the late 1950’s the wooded area in which Creekside is situated was a large pasture for cattle to graze. The area was fenced in and the cattle drank from the creek.


There are many Willows, Hawthorn, Black Cherry, Apple, and Walnut trees. There are some Maples as well as Ash. Recently the Emerald Ash Bore has killed most of the Ash trees. We have used these for firewood to heat our home.


We have also made the live edge benches out of the dead ash trees. The swirly design on the edge of the Ash benches is the burrowing of the Ash bore beneath the bark. The bark is separated from the tree it, in turn, kills the tree. There is a few benches made of Willow as well as some Walnut ones.

From the moment we owned this farm we have tied to add new species of trees and manage this relatively new forest. Adding cedars, spruce, Oak and Pine trees. Creekside as a strong concentration of Walnut trees. This is a great treat for the squirrels. Each fall loads of walnuts drop from the trees. By the time the spring comes nearly everyone has been cracked open and eaten by the squirrels.

The soil beneath a walnut tree not suitable for many things to grow. The area was covered in grapevines and Virginia creeper. This was choking out the new tree species we were trying to establish. They can co-exist with Cherry, Hawthorn, and a handful of other plants, We have tried to reduce the aggressive vines and introduce cedars.


Cedars are great cover and food for deer. Creekside is home to many animals and birds. Deer, Racoons, Fox, Squirrels, Wild Turkeys, and many others. The creek has crayfish, Turtles, frogs.


As you walk along the trails near Creekside you will see and hear some of the great wildlife. We hope you will enjoy the tranquillity and natural beauty of our property as we have over the years. 

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